Early Fur Trade Tomahawk / Trapper’s Axe


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A – Early Fur Trade Tomahawk

The very finest quality throwing hawk available! Perfectly balanced, hand-forged head complete with straight grain hickory handle. Very authentic.

B – Trapper’s Axe

With the trend towards packing lighter like the original fur trappers and eastern woodsmen, we’ve developed this smaller working trapper’s belt ax with the head weighing a little over 1 pound. This ideal size hatchet features a 3-1/2″ edge for cutting light firewood and a hammer pole head for driving tent & tipi stakes. Hand forged iron, with a forge welded, steel bit, this makes a great all around hatchet for trekking or longer term camp use and can even be thrown.

C – Mouse Hawk
Forged blade, 5″ long, 2-3/4″ wide. Ideal for women or children as a throwing hawk or small camp axe. Hickory handle 16″ long. Assembled weight only 1 pound.

D – Revolutionary Poll-Hawk Hand Forged
This authentic hand forged hawk dates from the revolution and is complete with a poll (or hammer style head) that’s unbeatable for driving tent stakes and other camp chores as well as use as a throwing tomahawk. 3-1/2″ blade.

E – Tomahawk French Style Hand-Forged
For some really serious wood cutting, try this hefty French pattern axe with poll. The double-flared hand-forged blade is approximately 4.25″ wide and the axe with hickory handle weighs in at about 2 pounds. This classic design can be traced to before 1700 and was copied later by Americans and remained popular into the 1900s.

F – Tennessee Belt Axe
“Fancier” than our Kentucky Belt Axe, our Deluxe Tennessee Belt Axe, with decorative filed head is fitted with a deluxe hardwood handle. This is a great little belt axes with a 2” blade and 13” handle.

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Tomahhawk / Axe

Early Fur Trade Tomahawk, Trapper's Axe, Mouse Hawk, Revolutionary Poll-Hawk Hand Forged, Tomahawk French Style Hand-Forged, Tennessee Belt Axe